Pauli Polkki – Wave Manuel

Wave Manuel

size 3 MB  / 16 MB

Wave Manuel is waveshaping synthesizer.
Explore waves no one has experienced before – in stereo.

It has a new kind of morphing oscillator with three parameters: “symmetry”, “saturation” and “shaping”. It can produce classic analog style waveforms (triangle, saw, pulse) but also anything between – and beyond.

Each oscillator parameter has a dedicated envelope and LFO. Envelope’s attack, decay and release times have curve controls for making things just right. LFOs can be used in stereo with 180 degree phase offset so let’s get SUPER WIDE.

The sound can be shaped further with frequency modulation and filtering.

WaveManuel-Win-VST3  ( 3 MB )

WaveManuel-Mac-AU  ( 16 MB )

WaveManuel-Mac-VST3  ( 16 MB )

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