Crowbait GnomeDistort

Crowbait GnomeDistort

size 7 MB

Weird & brutal distortion VST plugin
Brutal multi-band distortion plugin with unique functions

Brutal multi-band distortion plugin with unique functions

Global low- and high-cut filters with variable slopes
3 frequency bands (possible ranges: 20-999Hz, 20Hz-20kHz, 1-20kHz)
Per band:
Peak filter with high gain range
very high range input gain
Unique SMEAR (just try it)
“Somewhat tame-ish” to “brutally destructive” waveshaper options
Output gain meant for reduction
Global post-stage waveshaper (same options as in bands)


Usage tips
The output gain sliders are not decorative, use them! This plugin features extreme gain values and clipping and output gain adjustments ARE necessary.
Because of the extreme gains and clipping, it may be necessary to noise-gate the input signal (depending on what precisely you’re doing). Just use your favorite noise gate in front of GnomeDistort.
Play around with the low cut and peak filters! It’s fun!

GnomeDistort 2 comes with a variety of themes (maybe more in future updates) which are accessible via click on the gnome:

YouTube video


GnomeDistort-2  ( 7 MB )

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