Aeiou – vocal filter

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Aeiou is a vocal filter – its purpose is to apply the spectrum characteristics of the mouth to the input signal by filtering it. By applying the effect to rich signals (saw or square oscillations) it gives the illusion of a human who is sustaining a vowel such as ’a’ ,’e’ ,’i’, etc.
The effect parameters are:
* The most important is ’vowel’.
* ’Size’ can be used to spread the output bandwidth.
* ’Slope’ can be used to give some brightness to the result. Technically it is increasing or decreasing the filters gain on the frequency axis.
* ’Peaking’ is a minor parameter. It can be used to increase the filters resonance but it will also reduce the bandwidth.
* When ’Smooth’ is set to 0, the vowel transitions are direct, when set over 0 they are smoothed.
* The ’mix’ knob adjusts the amount of wet signal at the output.


Aeiou  ( 606 KB )